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TIGO means "Lean and Optimum" in Vietnamese. In terms of projects, TIGO means as consistent acceptance criteria across all User Stories. TIGO Solutions can also be understood as "Agilean Solutions" (Agile and Lean). Basically, we implement most project with 2 different stages: Phase 1 with Lean approach to fast track
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the large work volume and Phase 2 (mid-way through project) with Agile principles to cope with massive changes. The first phase is TIME-driven and second phase is GOAL-driven. Our work is literrally inspired by the SMART goals,
in which S, M, A, R are parts of Goal. The ultimate factor (T) is Time-based.

Our motto: "Keep It Simple and Straightforward (KISS), but Significant".

Our vision: Help clients to adopt the first-class and cost-effective solutions. Bridge the gaps between IT and business with training for business analysis professionals.


Highlights from TIGO Works

We seek the efficient and lean approaches for growing business.


  • Provide the lean development in sustainability
  • Provide Training Design & Consulting Services for Business Analysis
  • Provide Case Studies for our clients to achieve product market fit

Engaging Partnership:

  • We help clients with both models "Outsourcing" and "Outstaffing".
  • We help clients to train their IT employees to handle continuous coding after project delivery.


  • Work with partners on the engagement partnership to bring together the best people in the communications industry.
  • Develop the MVP-based products for startups.
  • Maintain and upgrade the existing systems.

Core products:

  • Full-features Web Portal
  • Lightweight eCommerce for SMEs
  • CRM Portal for real-estate and advocates
  • Full-features eLearning platform
  • Lightweight HRM solution for SMEs
  • Enhanced HRM solution for large enterprises
  • HelpDesk and Ticket/Request Management
  • The hybrid solution (HRM-CRM-DMS) for education centers

For local enterprises

Local enterprises have numerous challenges to struggle in the new wave of industry revolution 4.0. We realize that the well-known complicated solutions do not resolve their problems as there are gaps between IT and business. We think that we can begin with resolving the pain points first, help them reduce the paperworks, automate the work processes, visualize data with BI etc. Such important stage will go through 2-3 years prior to integrating AI for transforming data into future insights (predictive analytics). The ultimate goal is to make a digital transformation to grow their business.


We are partnering with Training centers and Universities/Colleges to provide the skilled engineers on-the-job trainings. By combining the education with our experiences, we will deliver the best work results to serve clients in the long run.

Our team

We are a team of like-minded people, in which some are techno-functional experts. We have experts in .NET, PHP and Python. More than half have extensive experiences in front-end development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, NodeJS etc).

We have strong Project Managers with PMP certifcations which makes us stand out. Going forward, we invest time and effort in setting up training courses for Business Analyst professionals, including both our employees and external trainees.

What we have been doing

  1. Outsourced projects: We have developed projects for oversea clients and expats, including: Web Portal for enterprises, Timesheet, Sales Management, CRM for Applicant Tracking, HelpDesk, social CRM, Data Visualization (Dashboard) for SMEs and large enterprises
  2. Consulting: We provide the estimations and business analysis for our clients.
  3. QA Testing: We take on the outsourced tasks for high-quality testing services, include User Acceptance Testing and Automation Testing.
  4. Training: We provide the crash courses for Business Analyst and Data Analysis at the beautifully designed co-working spaces.

Services that we provide

Business Analyst

There are a few business analysis tools, techniques, and practices that can be done to lessen a project's risk of scope creep and failure. Here are eight simple steps to an effective business analysis that you can replicate on your next project.

Step 1: Assist in creating the business case.
Step 2: Learn about the stakeholders.
Step 3: Create a Business Analysis Plan.
Step 4: Expound business objectives.
Step 5: Identify options.
Step 6: Define the scope.
Step 7: Expound product requirements.
Step 8: Support the development.

Learn more: 8 steps to effective business analysis

Our business analysis training courses cover a range of skills to understand your business through critical thinking, collaboration & strategic alignment.

Software Development

See how software is developed and how it can help your business compete. Discover software development innovations and technologies.

Customer Support

We assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product.